Multigressiv MyView 2

Multigressiv MyView lenses are custom made for each patient in order to provide better visión and comfort.

 It offers better near and intermediate vision thanks to each user’s individual pupilar distance and the patented EyeLT technology. These unique customizations can only be done by Rodenstock.

Multigressiv MyView offers our more demanding users the ideal progressive visual experience. Your vision improves by up to 40% in the near and intermediate ranges.

This way, we can guarantee outstanting spatial perception and spontaneous visual comfort.

Each Multigressiv MyView lens is personalized according to each patient’s eye positions.

Your criteria for Personalization allows us to adecuate to design to any DNP variation and offer the same excellent performance.

Thanks to the the design’s characteristics and the benefits of Free Form Technology, it is possible to redistribute the design to one side or the other, according to the visual needs of each user.

Multigressiv MyView 2

  • Rodenstock 40% improvement to near and intermediate visions, thanks to Rodenstock’s patented HOA.
  • Bright vision with exceptional perception of detail.
  • Very thin and technologically advanced progressive lenses.
  • Precise and clear vision.
  • Spontaneous wellbeing and exceptional spatial perception.
  • DP optimized inset for better binocular visual fields.
  • Anisometropía Identical zones in each lens, even in the face of Ansiometropia.

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