Multigressiv Mono plus

The surface calculations are based in our exclusive and sophisticated lens optimization program, and feeds from user´s data specific.

The multi-asperity is a new element used by Rodenstock in the personalized lens architecture for SV. It allows a more precise distribution of the power within the lens (Sph and Cil), thus reducing or eliminating, axel to axel, alterations produced especially with spherocylindrical formulations or, medium to high corrections, ensuring a precise optical quality between the center and the peripherals.

Multigressiv Mono plus

  • A very thin and attractive lens, allowing for optical asthetic.
  • The best amplified vision, thanks to the 3D Freeform technology.
  • Lenses with more clarity and cleanliness, with the Homogenius Technology.
  • UV ray protection also means less wrinkles.
  • Quality and Tolerance guarantee, which means more reliability.

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