Rodenstock has developed Impression progressiv lenses for an optimal vision experience, aesthetic and without limits, with a vision quality similar to the natural process. The first signals come when reading, as you must separate your reading material in the attempt to focus on the text. In this case, reading glasses can be a solution for an eye sight of 40 centimeters, although the progression area and far vision will not be corrected with these lenses.

Impression lenses provide a perfect vision with fewer distortions and bettered visual fields, as well as an optimal near and far vision. Impression lenses are for users with high demands


  • High range individual progressive lenses.
  • Calculations based on the innovative Eye. Lens Technology or EyeLT.
  • Optimized vision fields.
  • Up to 40% more vision in near and intermediate sight.
  • Short adaptation period, and the best spontaneous compatibility.
  • Perfect vision, even with elevated corrective values.

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