Impression 2

Rodenstock Impression was the first completely individualized progressive lens of the market, with more than 10 million pairs sold up to date.

Impression users enjoy an optimal, esthetic and unbound visual experience with vision quality that assimilates itself to the naturalvisual process.

These lenses provide perfect vision, with fewer distortions and improved vision fields.

Each Impression lens comes with individualized designs, thanks to the inclusion of each user’s specific parameters.

Impression 2 prgressive lenses adjust to the form that the frames have adapted to the user’s face, and their grade of visual correction.

In this case, the facial structure, and the interocular distance and frame format play important roles.

The result is a custom made lens with the best visual properties. This lens is for users that demand value and the best visual comfort possible, even with a high grade of correction.

Impression 2

  • More exact inclusion of individual parameters.
  • Enjoy your whole visual potential.
  • extrema Immediate adaptation and extreme comfort.
  • Maximum visual stability for all visual fields, thanks to the absence of lateral distortion.
  • The only lens of the market with natural vision, adapted to the eye’s behavior (EyeLT).
  • PD optimized inset for better binocular vision fields.
  • Optimized individual powers.
  • Step, curve based system.
  • Better clarity and high contrast, especially during sundown.
  • Acute vision at all distances and light conditions.
  • Perfect vision, even at high correction grades.

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