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During the past few years, progressive lenses have become the ideal optical solution for new presbyters because during their production, the laboratories, making use of the latest technology, take into consideration different aspects that allow patients to have practically perfect sight at any distance.

Workings of a progressive lens

 Progressive lenses present a perfect progression of the short, intermediate and far distance lens values.

 The annoying swapping between reading and standard glasses will no longer be necessary. These lenses also possess various advantages on the esthetic level: since the transition between all the visual zones of the lenses is unnoticeable, progressive lenses allows your eyes to see perfectly, and be indistinguishable from a normal lens.

Since you can outfit sport glasses with progressive lenses, you won’t have to renounce perfect visual comfort while playing football or golf.

When and for whom are recommended progressive lenses?

  • Adequate for those who suffer from presbyopia
  • For those between the ages of 40-45
  • Without any annoying lens swaps
  • Visual comfort, no strings attached

 During the natural aging process, the elasticity of the crystalline lens starts to deteriorate, and stops adjusting to the optimal form for different distances. You will perceive this as if “your arms are getting shorter” while reading, which means that you won’t have arms long enough to hold a book at a comfortable distance. For those who don’t want to take on and off the obligatory reading glasses, and have to change between different ones, progressive lenses are your best solution, because when it comes to visual comfort, there shouldn’t be any compromises. Put your vision to the test now to know if you have farsightedness with our auto test.

Adaptation period for progressive lenses

  •  Your eyes must adapt to the “progressive vision”
  • Time: from many hours to a few days
  •  The earlier you start, the faster the adaptation
  • Especially short in the case of progressive lenses using EyeLT® technology

The switch to progressive lenses is something that is difficult at first since the eyes always process various images at the same time, However, once you have trained your vision, you will be able to focus to the desired distance normally. By the way, in the case of progressive lenses with EyeLT® technology, the adaptation period is shorter by comparison. As a result, you will be able to use 100% of your vision potential as soon as possible in order to enjoy perfect vision at any distance.

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