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Ophthalmology is, perhaps, one of the medical specialties that entail the most complexity as well as importance.

That is why in Venezuela we celebrate every 10th of October national Ophthalmologist Day, a day in which we pay homage to the professionals in charge of taking care of our main sense, sight.

 This date was decreed in commemoration of the founding of the Venezuelan Ophthalmologist Society in 1953, when a group of 37 doctors from across the country organized themselves and established the organization.

 Years of medical study and then the specialization in question are what makes up these great professionals that we have today, which day after day give their all in order to take care our visual health, putting to work the most advanced ophthalmology techniques to treat and even recover their patient’s vision.

Due to scientific and technological advancements, during these past few years, the field of ophthalmology has been enriched with a series of new tools that allow for clearer and easier procedures, clinical and surgical, dedicated towards the improvement of the patient’s quality of life. This way, an intervention that many years ago required many days of internment can, now a days, be done in an ambulatory fashion with a laser.

 Currently in our country the Venezuelan Ophthalmology Society groups together a great number of professionals in the eye care field, whom year after year get together to share and get up to speed on the latest trends and techniques.

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