FFTech utilizes the latest in bases for lenses and chemicals in the production process of the highest quality ophthalmic lenses, providing greater comfort, optimal weight and visual quality to its users

ColorMatic IQ2 lenses represent the evolution of photocromatic treatments. 30 years of research and advancements in the field of photocromy and more tan 50 patented families, have lead Rodenstock’s researchers to develop a photocromatic treatment that takes into consideration 3  user needs: Style, Performance and Durability.

The innovations of ColorMatic IQ2 are so valuable, that one gram of our photocromatic tint has the same value as gold.


Highly durable photocromatic properties and long lasting, beautiful tints


New and atractive colorations with a perfect look, even during the transition between light and darkness


Deep darkening and fast adaptation for every light condition

ColorMatic IQ2 lenses consist of as many as a trillion light sensitive molecules. When activated by UV light, these molecules change their structure, resulting in the visible ColorMatic effect.

The new molecular structure of the ColorMatic IQ2 tints assure trustworthy photocromatic properties during the darkening and lightening process, as well as durable and stable tints.

A team of specialists invested 44.000 days in developing more than 1.500 molecular structures to look for the perfect general performance

The latest innovation: Pigments with a new growing molecular structure that allows for a deeper darkening even at high temperatures and partial shade like never before.

Size of the molecules of standard photocromatic pigments

ColorMatic IQ2 pigment molecule size increased


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