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The Venezuelan Ophthalmic Society, in their inexhaustible efforts at training and modernizing our country’s vision health professionals, are dictating this January the XXII “Dr. Silvia Salinas” Basic Ophthalmology course, an introductory course that is part of the country’s ophthalmic postgraduate degrees of referent.

The V.O.S. have been dictating this course since 1995, alongside well known professionals like Dr. Morella Vega and Dr. Silfrido Miranda, whom are the general coordinators of the course, and are responsible for not only its academics, but also the logistics of the program.

Also, this course is named after Dr. Silvia Salinas, an important figure in the world of ophthalmology in Venezuela whom also served as the president of the V.O.S. at one point.

In this edition, once again FFTech, Latin America’s most important lens laboratory, has joined the admirable cause of helping with the development of our nation’s future ophthalmologists.

FFTech’s involvement was headed by Opt. Flavia Croes, the consultant for Caracas, alongside Opt. Italo González, the sales coordinator for the west of Caracas. Both through an magisterial commercial presentation instructed the participants on the latest in ophthalmic lens production technology, and the importance of having these advances.

This opens up possibilities for future strategic alliances between the V.O.S. and FFTech, with a firm conviction towards the development of highly capable, more integral ophthalmologists, with a high sense of commitment to their patient’s vision.

This way, FFTech contributes towards the education of these professionals, offering them not only knowledge, tools and inspiration, but also a meeting point between ophthalmology and optometry, in which both, as visual health sciences,  may support each other in order to give mankind a better quality of life.

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