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FFTech strengthens further its relationship with their clients by starting a tour of their installations, in which guests not only get to discover more about the process that their orders go through before being delivered to the store, but also they get to see why FFTech is recognized as the most advanced optics laboratory in Latin America.

This activity was designed according to the requests made by clients, whom for the longest time have manifested their interest in knowing more about the technology that FFTech uses during the lens-making process, as well as to witness what are the differentiating factors that separate FFTech from the rest.

 For the first stage of the tour, the guests where given a chat about our two product lines (Rodenstock & Liberty), in which they were able to learn about each of the product’s attributes in detail. After that, they were treated to a wonderful breakfast to then later start the tour through the laboratory’s installations.

They had the opportunity to witness every procedure that their orders go through, from the moment the order reaches the lab, until it is dispatched.

They were also able to verify one of our most important differentiating factors, being our multiple control points, where it is made sure that we offer impeccable products of unrivaled quality.

Once the tour has been completed, a new round of questions and answers was made in order to clarify all doubts in order to then give out a certificate of participation.

As of now, there have been 25 clients that have visited us, whom left satisfied after seeing the technology used in the laboratory, and verifying the standards used for quality.

At FFTech, we are proud of our daily labor that benefits the visual health of all of the inhabitants of our country. It’s because of this that seeing the amazement on our clients’ faces at seeing all this technology in Venezuela, that is also at their disposition, is our real reward.

For now, tours have only been made for clients within the capital, but the logistics are being coordinated in order to bring clients from other regions of the country, since it will always be a pleasure for us to welcome you to our home!

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